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Student FAQs

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a web based course management system that makes the creation, organization, and management of course content on the web relatively simple. Blackboard enables instructors to provide students with course materials, discussion boards, virtual chat, online quizzes, and more.

What are the software requirements?

For software requirements, click, HERE

How to log into Blackboard

Login with your ‘’ email username (the portion of your ‘’ email address to the left of the ‘@’ sign) at
Use your current email password as your Blackboard password. You must activate your email account, before you can login to Blackboard.

Why do I not see all of my courses in Blackboard?

Not all instructors use Blackboard for their courses and you only have access to courses that have active Blackboard sites.

If I withdraw from a course, shouldn’t it be removed from my Blackboard profile?

Students are not automatically withdrawn students from courses on Blackboard because removing a student also removes data that may be of importance to the instructor or the course. For instance, if a student withdraws after add/drop the instructor has to submit a grade for that student as of the time of withdrawal. If the instructor is using the grade book and we automatically withdraw the student, the grade entries are removed as well. Likewise, discussion board entries would disappear. Instructors, at their discretion, can remove students from a course. When in the course, they can choose ‘Control Panel’, then ‘Remove Users from the Course’.

How do I remove previous semester courses from my course list?

Log into Blackboard and click on the My Courses edit icon. Uncheck the display boxes next to the course(s) you wish to suppress from view.

Can I use my mobile device to access Blackboard?

Yes, Bb mobile is provided free of charge.  As an alternative, you can also navigate to using a browser on your mobile device.

How do I access my grades in Blackboard?

In the Tools module, select View Grades for the courses listed. Your instructor can control which grades, if any, are displayed here. If your grades do not display, contact your instructor.

Who do I contact with Blackboard questions?

If you have questions or problems with Blackboard, refer to the contact information HERE