Withdrawn / Dropped Students

Bb Course Enrollment Integration - Withdrawn/dropped students during add/drop - Spring/Fall


There is a desire for the MaineStreet/Blackboard integration to remove access to courses in Blackboard for those students who have dropped the course or withdrawn from the course during the add/drop periods in the spring/fall semesters.  


The goals for this enhancement are to:

  • Remove access to Bb courses for dropped/withdrawn students

  • Require no action by faculty

  • Not destroy any work the student has done in the course. This may be needed by the faculty in some instances to report standing in the course when a student has withdrawn, and some content submitted by the student may be the basis for class work as well (e.g. a post in a discussion board)

  • Preserve the faculty’s ability to manage course enrollment, including:

    • manually restoring course access to dropped/withdrawn student

    • removing the student from the course completely (which will also remove all grades and content in that class for the student).

Proposed solution

Using the MaineStreet/Blackboard integration, dropped/withdrawn students would be assigned a role of [Role Name] in courses they had been enrolled in previously. This role prevents them from seeing any course content or participating in the Blackboard course in any way.

Class roster: Students who have withdrawn will not be visible in the class roster.

Grade book: Students who have withdrawn will not be visible in the grade book.

Student created content: Student created content remains visible to the instructor and other students in the course.

Removing the student from the course: The faculty can remove the student from the course completely. Content and grades will be removed.

Granting course access: The instructor can grant access to the course by changing the student’s role from “Dropped” to “Student” and changing the availability flag to “Yes”.

Proposed schedule

The integration to remove access for dropped/withdrawn students will be run once each  spring and fall semester immediately following the last add/drop date for any campus in that semester.  We will be running this process soon after this notification (10/11/17) for the fall semester.

When run, any student showing as dropped within the course according to MaineStreet will be moved to the designated role in Blackboard. If the faculty/instructor wishes a dropped student to have access to the course, he/she will then have to move the student back to the student role within the course, as described above.

There is a desire by some to run the integration more regularly, however the effect of this would be detrimental to those faculty who have dropped students in their course but who they wish to have access to the course. The student would be dropped each time the integration is run and would have to be re-enabled each time by the faculty/instructor.