Workaround for Java version 7u51 Error

Issue: Java 7 Release 51 has introduced additional security settings that block applications without an up to date "Permissions manifest attribute". The multiple file upload as well as collaboration tools (virtual classroom and chat) will not load.  Blackboard is working on a solution for the problem, but in the meantime please follow the directions below to allow these tools to load. 

Resolution: As a workaround, it is possible to add the Blackboard URLs to a list of sites with exceptions. This will tell Java that Blackboard is a safe application to load. Below is the process to do this.
  1. Navigate to the Java Control Panel and open it.
    • Windows/Mac - Open your system control panel or System Preferences and choose Java.
    • Linux - Run the jcontrol command.
  2. Click the Security tab:

  3. Click on Edit Site List.
  4. Click on Add.
  5. Enter the Blackboard URL - - into the Location field, as shown below.
  6. Click on Add once again.
  7. Enter a second Blackboard URL - - into the Location field, as shown below.

  8. Back on the Security tab, the Exception Site List section should like like it does in the image below. If it does, click OK and relaunch the appropriate Blackboard feature Otherwise, repeat the above steps to get the Blackboard URLs added to the Exception Site List.