Course ID Formats

Bb Course ID Formats


The Bb course ID is used by all of our integrations with Mainestreet to connect a course in Mainestreet and its students and faculty to a course in Blackboard. If the course ID does not match the information in Mainestreet, students and faculty will not be populated to the Blackboard course through the integration.

The course ID also is used to distinguish regular courses used for teaching and learning from those that are Organizations or test and development courses.

We kindly ask that you follow the conventions detailed in this document.

Regular courses

Course IDs for conventional single ­section courses follow the form:

Course IDs for conventional combined­ section courses follow the form:

Item definitions:

<Term> = Course Term as defined in MaineStreet, currently 4 characters and references the academic year. The first 2 digits are the 2 digit academic year, the next digit is semester (1 = fall, 2 = spring, 3 = summer) and the final digit is a 0. Ex. Courses taught in the fall of 2016 are in term 1710

<Institution> = Campus as identified in MaineStreet:

 Identifier   Campus
 UMS05    UM

<ClassNumber> = “Class Number” in MaineStreet, used to identify course sections

<SectionCombinedID> = “Section Combined ID” in MaineStreet, used to collectively identify cross­listed and multi­section combined courses

<SessionCode> = “Session Code” in MaineStreet, commonly used to identify the duration or timing of the course. All combined­ section courses have a session code defined, and they are often recognizable in summer session courses.


Summer 2016
Single ­section
Class Number = 80944
(Session Code is blank)

Fall 2016
Combined­ section
Section Combined ID = 0001
Session Code = 1

Other Course ID formats

Other IDs are used for Organizations and follow the format of:
<Prefix>_<Campus>_<Distinguishing name>

Item definitions:

Allowed Prefixes
 CRS primary/exclusively for institutional training/evaluation shells
 DEP for courses/ORGs for campus divisions - "Departments", etc.
 DEV for development shells 
 NCC for non-credit courses NOT in Mainestreet 
 ORG for organizations 
 PRA for practice or training shells

Reserved Prefixes
 CSC  for combined section courses
 SSC for single-section courses
 TEM for campus template course shells
 IMP for internal use by US:IT for importing shells. Please do not use!

Campus designators
 UUniversity or system wide 
 SUniversity Services 
 XUMS external 

Distinguishing name, should be a name that distinguishes this from other course shells at the campus and which is somewhat descriptive.