Blackboard service update

posted Sep 15, 2013, 4:32 AM by Calvin Bishop
We would like to offer an update on the state of Blackboard.  After the maintenance and restart this morning, we still have a few items that are not working.

Services not working:
  • Discussion boards are slow for instructors
  • Inline grading of assignments

Services working:
  • Student assignment submissions
  • Instructor grading of assignments by downloading the file like in past versions
  • Cloud profiles
  • Students are able to load the discussion board in a reasonable time

The two problems that we are seeing for instructors are related.  The discussion board building block needed to be updated to fix the slow load times, but it brought in new functionality that is not working.  The new functionality allows instructors to use inline grading like in the assignments.  Both inline grading in the discussion board and assignments, requires a connection to an outside service, Crocodoc.  We are having trouble obtaining a reliable connection to this service, causing the inline grading to fail in assignments and the slow load time for instructors in the discussion board.

We are still working with Blackboard to resolve the connection problems with Crocodoc.