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Internet Explorer 11 - Issue with VTBE

posted Feb 27, 2014, 8:29 AM by Unknown user
When using Internet Explorer 11 and trying to enter any content in any area that uses the new VTBE (Content Editor), after text has been entered in the content editor, clicking the HTML option to see the parse HTML, the content editor of the HTML is empty. If "Update" is clicked it will actually "delete" all that has been typed. This issue is know to affect Internet Explorer 11 only.

Though Blackboard support is aware of the issue, there is currently no direct workaround, other than this guidance for those using Internet Explorer 11:
  • Do not use the HTML
  • If HTML is used, do not click on "Update"
  • Load IE11 with compatibility mode (although there will be a warning that some items don't load, it actually works)