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Display problems or items not working properly

posted Aug 2, 2012, 1:29 PM by Calvin Bishop   [ updated Oct 3, 2012, 6:04 AM ]
Some folks are reporting that there are display problems in their course.  They might also be experiencing some loss of functionality.  For example, not being able to reorder content items or announcements.  This is not a problem with Blackboard itself, but a problem with the actual content of an announcement/content item.  When the content contains malformed html elements, it may cause a varying degree of display issues for both instructors and students as well as loss of functionality.

Solution:  Edit the offending content item and remove the formatting.  This can be done by:
  • Editing the item. 
  • Select all of the text in the WYSIWYG editor (shown below).
  • Click on the remove formatting button (shown below, on the top right corner of the black Clear Formatting message).
  • Click on Submit to save the changes.

If the above does not work, it is possible to fix the html manually, but will require you to know how to read/edit html.  If you do not know how, you can try re-copying the html from the original source and pasting it into the WYSIWYG editor and then clicking on Submit.  However, you are likely to get the same results as before.  To edit the html manually:
  • Edit the item.
  • Click on the "<>" button, located in the second row near the end to display the raw html.
  • Now look for the offending html tag(s) and fix/remove them