Known Issues

This is not a comprehensive list of all known issues with Blackboard 9.1; rather, these are issues reported by users and known to affect our current Blackboard system.

The issues below are listed with the most recently created issue at the top.  For more information, contact your campus Blackboard administrator.

Pearson Custom Integration Building Block issue

posted Jul 24, 2017, 8:50 AM by Paul Bussiere

Since the upgrade, the Pearson Custom Integration Building Block is not working.  I have reached out to Pearson and we now have the correct building block and will install it soon.

Cumulative Update 3 for Blackboard Learn 9.1, Q4 2015 - Resolved Issues

posted Apr 13, 2017, 6:59 AM by Scott Roberts

Cumulative Update 3 for Blackboard Learn 9.1, Q4 2015 includes resolution to the following issues:
  • A set of security fixes to core features of Learn 9.1. After the issues are released through all supported 9.1 versions through a Cumulative Update or Building Block, a Security Bulletin will be released to provide details on the individual fixes.
  • Survey with Open Entry Question and Answer Field Size Large (1000) Fails to Display to End Users - Article # 41731
  • Letter Grades for Weighted Calculated Columns in Downloaded Work Offline Spreadsheet Do not Match the Grade Center - Article # 41940
  • Scorm Fails to Pass Scores - Article # 42627
  • When Deleting a Group Wiki from Course Tools and Setting it to Available, the Wiki is Displayed and Errors when Accessing it - Article # 35527
  • Cursor Jumping Issue can Still be Replicated on Internet Explorer 11 - Article # 42689
  • Course Copies do not Bring Linked Files Forward - Article # 39367
  • Unable to Save Portfolio Section - Article # 42625
  • Users with Forum Role of Manager Receive Access Denied Error when Attempting to Access an Unavailable Forum - Article # 42520
  • Enabling and Disabling Delegated Grading Prevents Students from Accessing Files Attached to Grade Feedback - Article # 40475
  • Due Dates Added/Edited on Assignments via the Tool do not Display in the To Do Module - Article # 41693
  • Not Applicable Field in Enterprise Survey Matrix Questions is Incorrectly Counted when Analyzing Results - Article # 41762
  • Unresponsive Script Error when Adding 250 or more Courses to Enterprise Survey Response Period - Article # 41545
  • Repeated Data Integration Lucene Indexing Log Messages - Article # 41207
  • Attempting to Access Community Discussion Board Throws Null Point Exception Error - Article # 42792
  • LIS BulkDataExchange Fails to Download File from PeopleSoft SAIP - Article # 41330
  • When Performing a Course Copy into an Existing Course, only 100 Files are Copied to the Destination Course - Article # 42867
  • Overall Summary of User Activity Shows no data for last day of Report - Article # 39418
  • Error Received when Running Rotatelogs Script - Article # 39532
  • Daily Notification Emails Received too late - Article # 42001
  • Outcomes Export and Download Results Missing Rubric Feedback Selection and Point Data - Article # 42101
  • Multiple Choice Polls do not Update Results when Set to Allow Asynchronous Loading - Article # 41941
  • Users with a Custom System Role are Unable to Upload Files to Courses - Article # 33836
  • LIS 2.0 ReadResultIdsForLineItemWithLineItemTypeRequest is Returning More Than the Expected External Grade Column - Article # 42880
  • IMS Import does not Include Local Files from the Content in the Destination Course - Article # 38442
  • Error Accessing Rubrics During Outcomes Evaluation Session - Article # 42723
  • Collaboration Email within Content Collection cannot be Disabled - Article # 42981
  • Deleted Group Leaves Orphaned Group Attempts that Breaks Needs Grading - Article # 42834
  • MyGrades Building Block SQL Query Causing Performance Issues - Article # 42760
  • Enterprise Survey is Cached as Blank Page - Article # 42133
  • Issue Navigating Away From Grading Attempt in Grade Center - Article # 42466
  • Apostrophe Entered in Content Editor Converts to HTML Code - Article # 42049
  • Unable to Create New Collaborate Session in Arabic LP from Course Tools and the Default System Calendar is Gregorian - Article # 40625
  • Using - Browse Content Collection - to add Files to Content Area does not Display over 100 Items in a Folder - Article # 42604
  • Long Processing SQL on ods_cbe_rubric_eval_dim_tp - Article # 42289
  • Query 8b6nybbwfyrmq associated with multiple outages - Article # 
  • Total Column not Rounding to Expected Letter Grade - Article # 40642
  • Disabled User from Course Receives Email Notification from Subscribed Threads in Discussion Boards After Applying Patch - Article # 42812
  • Adding Multiple Institution Roles or Users to Folder Permissions Results in only First One Being Added - Article # 39860
  • Accessing Grade Center Throws Content Management System and Crocodoc Errors - Article # 42545
  • Unable to Export Rubrics - Article # 38148
  • Users see Modules Available After Disabling Secondary Roles - Article # 21745
  • Upgrade for FullTextIndex in Development - Article # 42500
  • Matrix Question Row Options Within Enterprise Survey Results Show Unicode Characters - Article # 23548
  • Learn 9.1 Q2 2016 CU3 Users who are Enrolled in Multiple Child Courses of the Same Parent Course Cause Issues when SIS Snapshot Flat File is Run - Article # 43001
  • Artifacts Within an Evidence Collection are not Being Collected - Article # 39816
  • A Null in course_users.enrollment_date Makes Users Unable to Logout - Article # 42058
  • English US Dictionary: Obscenity is Being Suggested as a Spelling Correction - Article # 43005
  • SVG Files Uploaded via a WebDAV Client are Being Given an Incorrect Mimetype - Article # 39530
  • scormbbattempttoinstance Records Throwing SCORM Error - Article #42873

Discussion Boards denied access error message

posted Oct 13, 2016, 6:25 AM by Paul Bussiere

Discussion Boards – if forum has been made unavailable, by date restriction or otherwise, the instructor not longer has access to the forum.  

This is a known bug. 

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Login to Blackboard Learn as Instructor
  2. Go to a Course
  3. Go to a Discussion Board
  4. Create a Forum
  5. Set a Display Until Date to a date that has already passed, so that the Discussion is no longer available
  6. Submit
  7. Click on either the Forum Name or Open from the Options menu
  8. Error message "Access Denied"

Resolution/Workaround:  Set the Forum to available.

Internet Explorer 11 - Issue with VTBE

posted Feb 27, 2014, 8:29 AM by Unknown user

When using Internet Explorer 11 and trying to enter any content in any area that uses the new VTBE (Content Editor), after text has been entered in the content editor, clicking the HTML option to see the parse HTML, the content editor of the HTML is empty. If "Update" is clicked it will actually "delete" all that has been typed. This issue is know to affect Internet Explorer 11 only.

Though Blackboard support is aware of the issue, there is currently no direct workaround, other than this guidance for those using Internet Explorer 11:
  • Do not use the HTML
  • If HTML is used, do not click on "Update"
  • Load IE11 with compatibility mode (although there will be a warning that some items don't load, it actually works)

Internet Explorer 11 - Security update causes IE to crash when accessing a course in Edit Mode

posted Feb 26, 2014, 2:00 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 27, 2014, 8:38 AM ]

A security update recently pushed to all Windows users who use Internet Explorer 11 causes the IE browser to immediately crash when accessing a course with Edit Mode turned "On". Blackboard is aware of the issue, and while a long-term fix is promised from Blackboard Support, we have a potential workaround which we can implement on our Blackboard system which alleviates this specific issue.
  • We've done initial testing of the workaround, which we've implemented on one of the application servers in our test environment. 
  • Our current plan is to continue with testing with a goal of applying the change to our production environment during an upcoming scheduled maintenance window.
This problem only affects Internet Explorer version 11 which have Cumulative Security Update MS14-010 installed. Safari, Firefox, Chrome and earlier versions of Internet Explorer are not affected.

We'll update you with new information and confirmation of the maintenance window.

Rubrics not saving graded information in Discussion Board Forums

posted Feb 4, 2014, 7:36 AM by Calvin Bishop

When using rubrics to grade discussion board forums, the graded options/points selected as well as the graded rubric feedback is not being saved.  It does correctly calculate the total points and saves the grade correctly.  If the option to show the students the rubric with points is selected, the students will not actually be able to see the rubric points, only the rubric itself.  

Scope:  Discussion board forums that utilize rubrics.

Status:  Resolved with the upgrade of the Discussions building block on November 18, 2013.

Reported for:  9.1 Service Pack 12.

References:  BB-539.

Work around:  Instead of grading through the discussion board, grading will need to be done through the grade center.

Go to Control Panel > Grade Center > Full Grade Center.
Find the student - discussion that needs grading and click the drop down arrow on that cell.
Click on View Grade Details.
Click on Edit Grade.
Click on View Rubric.
Use the rubric to grade as you normally would.  Then click on Save.
Click Save once more to save the grade. 

Unable to generate attempts statistics on surveys with fill in multiple blanks question

posted Feb 4, 2014, 7:35 AM by Calvin Bishop

Attempts statistics are not able to be generated for those surveys with one or more fill in multiple blanks questions. If the survey does not contain any questions of this type, the statistics for the attempts are able to be generated without an error.

Scope:  All surveys that have at least one Fill in Multiple Blanks question.

Status:  Blackboard has identified this as a bug and has slated to fix this in 9.1 Service Pack 16.

Reported for:  9.1 Service Pack 12.

References:  BB-570.

Work around:  If creating a survey, do not utilize fill in multiple blanks questions.  If you already have a survey, remove all fill in multiple blanks questions.

Assessment has incorrect points possible in grade center

posted Feb 4, 2014, 7:34 AM by Calvin Bishop

The points possible displayed in the grade center column for an assessment does not match the true points possible obtained from the actual assessment.  This seems to only be incorrect for those tests that were not created fresh, but imported or copied into the course. 

Scope:  Grade center columns that are linked to assessments that have been imported or copied.

Status:  Blackboard has identified this as a bug and has slated to fix this in 9.1 Service Pack 16.

Reported for:  9.1 Service Pack 12.

References:  BB-573.

Work around:  This work around does not work all of the time.  Edit the point value for one of the questions and click on regrade.  Then change the point value back to what it was and click on regrade once more

Course list not loading for users with more than 99 enrollments

posted Feb 4, 2014, 7:34 AM by Calvin Bishop

Users with more than 99 enrollments are unable to load the course list.  

Scope:  Users with more than 99 enrollments.

Status:  This limit was put in place due to performance load it placed on the environment.

Reported for:  9.1 Service Pack 13.

References:  BB-585.

Work around:  Remove unneeded enrollments until total enrollments are less than 100.

Not able to toggle edit mode in the group discussion board

posted Dec 4, 2013, 6:44 AM by Calvin Bishop

From the group discussion board listing, you are unable to toggle the edit mode.  This only happens from the group discussion board listing and not from within the discussion forums themselves.  This also only happens in the group discussion board, not in the regular course discussion board.

Scope:  All courses, group discussion board page.

Status:  The problem has been reported to Blackboard.

Reported for:  9.1 Service Pack 13.

References:  BB-600.

Work around:  Go to a different page and toggle the edit mode and then go back into the group discussion board.

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